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Senior Citizen Hike: Victoria Peak with a twist

The shortest way up to Peak Galleria with elevation 395m is via Old Peak Road. This trail is one of the most challenging way up to the Peak. If you are looking to include a good cardio workout into your walking routine, look no further.

Old Peak Road up to Peak Galleria

There are a few regular senior hikers negotiating along this steep route every morning. Among these senior hikers is 87 years old Mr. Lam Pak Lit. Come rain or shine, he will be taking the first train from Prince Edward to Central to start his 12 km walk along Old Peak Road up to Peak Galleria and loop back to catch the train home.

Regular senior hiker Lam Pak Lit

Lam started hiking when he retired at the age of 67. He joined various hiking groups to explore different parts of Hong Kong. Over the years as he experienced changes in his mobility he started to feel he was slowing others down. About 10 years ago, he decided it’s best he walks independently at his own pace in Pok Fu Lam Country Park where he feels safe and confident. When he is looking for a change, he walks to Aberdeen and beyond. Lam feels his health has improved since he started his hiking habit and hopes to continue as long as he is able.

Old Peak Road is also a social meeting point for regular hikers

These senior hikers’ persistence and discipline inspire me to keep up with my own hiking routine. When I grow up to be their age, I want to be able to walk up to the Peak via Old Peak Road.


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