Reflections on retiring in HOME KONG- Part 1

At one of our recent website content meetings, we thought of doing an article on the topic aging/ retiring financially secure in Hong Kong.

We knew the topic was tricky!! The cost of living in Hong Kong makes it very challenging to be financially secure when retired. Anyone who is fortunate enough to own property will probably be OK as their accommodation costs at least will be taken care of. For those without property it is much more difficult. The income from a typical MPF is not enough to live on. Many Hong Kongers scrape by with help from younger relatives, many working age people in Hong Kong give home to their parents to help them get by. The people in the expat community are in a different situation, many of them move back to their native country or to a place that's cheaper to live when they retire.

What about those within our community who have lived and built a good part of their lives in HK and wish to stay put during their “silver years”? Be they pure locals, 'locals at heart' (but foreign passport holders) or expats. It is super easy to google to list of support measures the HK government gives to HK passport holders and PRs who are 65 years and over. Even if eligible to those social measure, we surely can't rely solely on them to have our financial security! So, What factors should they be taking into consideration if they wish to retire "comfortably" in Home Kong.