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Playing virtual Games as way of socializing with Covid: Part 2

Installment two of keeping ourselves entertained continues virtually through Whatsapp. To keep readers updated with the first two rounds of our online Taskmaster competition head on over to the previous article here .

We are now at Task 8 which is due for submission very soon, so if you have any ideas, please do write in to us so that we can keep things exciting.

The Taskmaster (Judge of each round) changes weekly so whoever wins that round receives the pleasure of being the following weeks Taskmaster.

Let’s get caught up on Task 3 – Task 7 and see what hilarious antics ensued.

Task 3: Film yourself throwing something into something in the coolest way. Your video should be around 15 seconds long. Submit your entry between 5pm and 6pm next Sunday! Happy tasking!

Some people take it seriously and some do not! Some entries can be really last minute and spur of the moment, but that is still the fun and amusement of it all and peoples lack of trying still entertains you at how amazingly bad it is.

For instance, below one entrant who clearly left this task to the last minute decided that throwing some toilet paper into a fancy looking toilet was going to win it (gold tiles and looking very bling, Figure 1). Sure, it looked fancy but did it really win the judges heart? No.

However, Figure 2 really brings out one’s creativity with some simple camera tricks one can catch a knife in their mouth. Danger always adds excitement. And the winner comes in at Figure 3 for having an ice cube thrown from across the room and hitting its bulls eye, the glass. Was it real? Who knows, perhaps not but that therein lies the genius of the game, it is purely subjective and at each judge’s discretion how they award points.

Figure 2

Figure 3

Task 4: make a paper airplane travel the furthest distance. Your video can be 1-60 seconds long. Submissions at 5pm Sunday and voting from 6 ! Happy Tasking !!!

Perhaps not the most environmentally friendly but with some of the unhygienic things that go out of HK windows paper airplanes add a biodegradable and jovial touch.

Task 5: make the best portrait of the Taskmaster using the most unconventional art supplies

By far this might have been the most well thought out and most effort put in out of all of the tasks and all of the participants. Just zoom in and have a look at the attention to detail. There are beads, sequins, buttons and so much more.

Task 6: Film the most dramatic moment in slow motion. The most dramatic slow motion moment wins! Clips should be no more than 15 seconds long, submitted between 5pm and 6pm next Sunday. Happppy Tasking !

Enough said! A Jurassic Park themed moment filmed in a bubbly bathtub with an unwittingly cow being attacked by a T-Rex. Where this person acquired all of these miniature toys in such a short time also comes into question.

Task 7: Document the most amusing April Fool’s Day prank

Our most recent tasks had some amazing entries, I had thought my scare pranks were awesomely set up especially with my editing skills paired with a suspenseful soundtrack was by far superior. However, it seems this week was taken by a genius “Plan” that did not go according to plan.

One entrant had decided to prank our group who were out on a staycation. The idea would be that we open our door and lo and behold there is a letter waiting for us that says one of the housekeeping staff that cleaned our room have contracted covid and that they would be rolling around shortly to administer a test at the door. But instead of a hazmat dressed person it was going to be the prankster filming your reaction! Ambitious to say the least but perhaps too ambitious, we had seen through the master plan too easily and did not fall for it! Although one in the group did come down to breakfast fully packed and ready to leave the hotel if this was in fact real.

This final installment of the DIY Taskmaster Game Show only continues to prove that this is a great way to keep people entertained not only in one city but globally. Even though the idea was formed out of boredom during lockdown this is still a wonderful game that can be played afterwards. Keep things interesting and change the rules to fit your tribe.

Now its over to you! Give us some ideas on how to enter this week’s task😁😁:

Task 8: perform a magic trick that amazes the taskmaster. The most amazing magic trick wins! Entries must be videos 30 seconds or less in length.

Photo Credit: Alex Beattie


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