Playing virtual Games as way of socializing in this Covid outbreak

Empty supermarket shelves, no Panadol at Watsons, no medication, no bread, no meat, no vegetables, no fruits, are we living in the apocalypse? No. Hong Kong is going through its latest and hardest hitting wave since the beginning of COVID-19. Even though the Government had two years to plan for this, saw countless countries go through the Omicron wave and already has had many real-world case studies to prepare it seems the infrastructure is

still strained to its limits. This particular variant runs rampant through any community and there is little people can do to prevent it, being fully vaccinated and boosted though has shown that the risk of severe complications have been extremely diminished.

While HK has never seen the likes of this kind of lockdown before, we are all waiting anxiously for what the next restriction might be. Biding time and hoping that you do not test positive and get sent to one of HK’s infamous ‘isolation’ camps. Most people have decreased social interaction, resumed working from home, stopped gathering and generally just keeping at home. It is an eerie time to be out on the once bustling streets of HK with many transport routes and roads left to near ghost town similarities.

With so many people stuck in a HK sized apartment at times you can feel like you are falling over each other, with kids in their zoom classes, parents working on their laptops and helpers trying to do the vacuuming right behind you. Keeping sane and calm has been extremely difficult for some and now could be the best time to try and find ways to cope with this stress and generally do more things that keep you happy.

A group of friends and I have been watching a