Pet friendly eateries across HK island offering a menu for our p🐶ts (for some)

Hong Kong is considered to be a very pet friendly city. And we have statistics to back this. In its latest report published by the Census department in 2019, It was estimated that just under 10% of all HK households kept pets.

We Hong Kongers also believe in offering a healthy lifestyle to our fur buddies, even going a wee bit overboard at times😊. Scenes where parents dress up their pets or take them on a stroll in prams etc are not foreign.

Most of us, however like to go have a coffee/drink or a meal with our four legged friends. Even though more can be done in Hong Kong in the space of pet friendly eateries we list below a few of our favorites on Hong Kong Island. Some even have a special menu for our dogs. Go check them out and as usual let us know how you like them or if you have any other additions to our list 😍.

1) Hotel Murray: Paws for Tea (Central)

Pooches and their human friends, can gather for a fun-filled afternoon at the Murray as the popular Paws for Tea continues this summer. The popular pet marketplace at the hotel will be loaded with luxury pet goodies, and your fur kids (cat OR dog) will receive quinoa treats and a surprise giveaway. Human guests can enjoy a choice of savory and sweet after