Our fav Cafes & Restaurants in the western district selling local crafts

If you are looking to shop for cool local products while having your coffee or lunch or you just like being surrounded by beautiful objects, this article is for you! 😊 We gathered 4 best cafes and restaurants in SYP and Sheung Wan selling crafts that are proudly made in Hong Kong. They are perfect as a gift or simply as a pleasure for your eyes. Enjoy!

TIL – Today is Long Café

In this cosy coffee place, not only can you find a damn good coffee, freshly baked goodies like their signature croffles (croissant-waffle mix), but also super cute clothes for kiddos.

Yelephant kids, with a lovely elephant logo, is a HK brand providing high quality clothes for kids aged 2-8. They use fabulous fabrics like silk, merino wool, linen and super soft cotton and the design and colours are very fashionable. More info on their website - www.yelephantkids.com

But that’s not all what this café has to offer. You can also find there beautiful handmade patchwork cup sleeves, bags, mask holders and teddy bears.