Whether you just get home after a long day at work or it is a lazy weekend, deciding what to eat for a meal, is not as simple as one might think. To avoid having one of these days, it is wise to always have some ready-made meals stocked in the pantry. Here, we asked some of our LocalHood Members the ready-made meals they would have in their pantry.

Shobana: Being ovo-lacto vegetarian who prefers Indian food over other cuisines, I have limited options when it comes to sourcing dinners that are precooked and microwavable in the local supermarkets. Luckily, most Indian stores in Hong Kong carry a comprehensive range of products by MTR and Haldirams which are both very popular food companies in India.

You get many one pot meals that have all spices added and you just need to either dip the pouch in a vessel or boiling water for a few minutes, else empty into a container and microwave it. However most of these products are priced quite steeply, relatively speaking, and cater to one person per box.