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OM(N)ICRON strikes: Ideas about keeping kids occupied at home

With the latest government directive requiring kids in primary school and kindergarten to stay home until the latest surge in Covid 19 cases are brought under control, parents are scrambling for ways to keep their toddlers and young kids occupied. It’s a double whammy for parents, not only do they have to help their kids with their online learning, but also look for ways to keep them occupied indoors, with parks, libraries, museums, sports complexes and other cultural and recreational facilities also being shut until Chinese New Year.

Some of us at Localhood, parents of young kids also facing the brunt of the situation decided to compile a list of activities as well as providers of activity kits so that you can benefit from this and keep your kids occupied in an educational, creative, holistic manner with minimal screen exposure. Here are some of our top picks:

1. Little Nature Wanderlust: What started as a novel concept to keep families in hotel quarantine entertained can also be put to use in these trying time. The Quarantine Survival Kits are carefully curated activity box sets most suitable for kids from 1 to 6 years old. The activities in a box involves sensory play, fine motor activities, arts and crafts, STEM, music and yoga. Activity kits can be on themes that include Secret Garden, Under the Sea, Jurassic World, Transportation, Weather and In the Jungle. They also have a scheme where they can take back certain components of used activity kits that can be reused in lieu of vouchers. More information regarding these kits and their pricing can be found on their website, or through the Instagram handle @littlenaturewanderlust.

(Picture from the Instagram page @littlenaturewanderlust)

2. Bizzie Bee Craft kits: Bizzie Bee is a social enterprise initiative, and the money raised through sale of their products go directly towards art projects for the underprivileged in our community. While they are physically present at PMQ, their products can also be purchased online. Their educational and creative kits are designed to help children develop their imagination, creativity and fine motor skills, with creative freedom to express their individuality. Craft packs can be completed either independently, or in groups, with or without the help of a parent/helper. This gives the child an opportunity for independent play learning as well as social interaction, teamwork and family time.

Other than these there are several popular as well as not so popular specialty stores throughout the island that stock and supply not just DIY and craft kits, but also books, stationery, and arts and crafts supplies that would be helpful to older kids and adults too. These outlets include:

3. Bookazine: Bookazine is a leading chain of independent English language book stores with nine shops across Hong Kong. They carry a whole range of toys and action figures, art and crafts DIY sets, including many science kits, Lego kits, card and board games, DIY doll kits, educational and STEM kits, Hong Kong themed toys, puzzles and much more.

4. Craft Supplies store: This art supply store located in Wanchai’s Lockhart Road has a huge selection of reasonably priced art and craft supplies, spanning almost two floors. While they do have a wide range of craft kits, especially lantern making and STEM ones, navigating their website might prove a challenge for non-Chinese customers. However a quick trip to the massive physical store would be more than helpful.

5. Hands arts and crafts: This tiny arts and crafts store, hidden from street view in Po Wah Commercial Center, Hennessey Road, Wanchai has a wide variety of supplies, including those difficult to get.

6. : This online store is a one stop shop for crafts and DIY supplies. They specialize in providing items in wholesale quantity at wholesale prices so that you can explore any new interest at a reasonable rate. They also carry and range of Montessori teaching and learning aids as well as games.

7. Toys Club: Toys Club which has physical stores in Central as well as Ap Lei Chau also have a very detailed website that helps customers shop for DIY kits, games and puzzles, arts and crafts, STEM kits, teaching aids, etc. not just by the age of the child, but also by brands and characters. Do look into their website,, for more details.

8. Living Plaza by Aeon: Aeon’s Living Plaza shops are scattered all across the island, and their $12 shops are a treasure trove of DIY and craft kits for kids of almost all age groups. Most kits come with clear instructions, making the activity much easier. The shops also carry puzzle sets of varying difficulty levels, as well as raw materials for hobbies.

Note: This list neither all-encompassing nor is it exhaustive. We invite our readers to send in their inputs so that we can add on to this.

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