My Family's Covid Experience: Recount

I am one of those who caught Covid in the last couple of weeks - so did my toddler, husband and helper. Yes, we isolated at home. Yes, we are ALL now covid negative. Yes, there is need for vigilance and panicking does not help. Here is my story...

It started with very minor symptoms – a slight runny nose, some sneezes and a cough here and there. I didn’t think too much about it, but tested myself anyway just to use up my fast-expiring rapid antigen test (RAT) kits. It was negative.

My household of 4 (husband, myself, an 18 month old toddler and helper) went about our usual ways – none of them had any major symptoms, just the same ones I was having, and no fever.

The third day after I tested myself, it was a particularly freezing rainy day. I headed to JHC to see if they had any heaters to sell. I noticed someone in the queue buying boxes of RAT kits - feeling some FOMO, I decided I should also stock up on some. They were of the YHLO brand, HKD225 for 5 tests.

Back home, I boasted to the husband how I managed to score some prized RAT kits. “Oh I guess I should use up the old ones then”, he said. So he tested himself and lo and behold, we saw a line developing next to the T sign. It was quite faint, but it was definitely there.