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Food Porn Alert: Mid-Autumn Festiv🥮l dishes in pics

Hi! My name is Nicola Cheung. I am a LocalHood volunteer since over 2 years now I volunteered to do this photo-essay on the food that we typically eat for Mid-Autumn Festival as I come from a family of foodies and I also love this festival, moon cakes et everything that goes with it. Through this photo essay I'd like to share with you my celebration of this important Chinese festival. On that night we had dinner altogether with my family. As usual, there was good food and good conversations.

I remember clearly that in my childhood, my parents would buy lanterns for my brothers and me. In the evening of the festival, I would take them out to go join the other children from the neighborhood. As I grew older there were no more lanterns, just dinner at a relative’s house. That is what happens when you generally get older, I realized sadly!

The good side is that spending quality time with family is special and has always meant a lot to me. You catch up and you talk about a lot and connect with family you've not seen since long.

As expected, this year the full moon was au rendez-vous that night too, right outside my aunt’s building.

Back to food, the Mid-Autumn Festival undoubtedly involves a lot of different types of Chinese food which are all really delicious. Get ready for food porn below: I've put pictures of most- but not all- of what I ate! Enjoy!

1. Beans with chili and tofu (spicy)

2. Chinese spring onion pancakes/bread

3. Chicken

4. Tofu with green leeks

5. Traditional Roast Duck

6. Cantonese Steamed Fish with Ginger

7. Assortment of fruits

8. Pork ribs cooked in soya sause

9. Customary Mooncakes

10. Mushrooms cooked with Pork

11. Cashew I hnuts with veggies

12. Fried squid

13. cooked spinach

I had a great time taking photos and enjoying with my family😀😀!

Hope you guys enjoyed your festival too!!!


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