Long distancing with your loved one during COVID❤️

Having a long distance relationship is tough at the best of times. It’s even harder when Covid restrictions prevent couples from seeing each other for long periods of time. I’ve been separated from my hubby for over 6 months now. It was a struggle to make the joint decision for me to stay in Hong Kong with our son while he worked overseas for a year. Believe me, I did a ton of research both online and offline before making the decision. Here’s sharing what worked for us and what didn’t.

1. Keep Communicating

We communicated throughout the day, work and parenting duties permitting. At first, I was put off with all the constant messaging because I get thumb and wrist pain. Then I learnt about sending gifs and emojis to express emotions more than typing everything. A pro of living in different time zones with your other half is that the timing is perfect for talking online after hours or during meals.

We also keep different forms of communication channels–household maintenance using emails or household messaging group, keeping up with the grandparents via grandparents messaging group, voice or video calls at night/ his early morning. As a special surprise, I wrote him a poem as his birthday present. Sometimes, an oldie is a goodie. He was touched.

Image source: Winnie Tse