Badass women, openness, tolerance and acceptance, representation – Read on to find out what our Local Hood superwomen, Pooja, Shobhana and Ania loved about the shows they binged watched!

Be it the three millenial women in the Bold Types who are portrayed as perfectly imperfect, real and relateable modern women owning their life choices or the sexual misadventures at Moordale High School or as our Local Hooder, Shobhana puts it, “Downton Abbey on steroids”, each of these Netflix shows had something interesting and fresh about them that keeps us waiting for the next seasons to air!

The Bold Types

What did I like in the bold types is exactly what it promises - life story of women that are bold. Those that live life to the fullest. With its good part and its challenges. It portrays a group of 3 “millennial” besties who are there for each other and give support and encourage each other. These girlfriends enjoy the good parts that life showers at them and are not afraid of facing the thorns it throws them too. They take risks and get out of their comfort zone to live life their way.

In addition, I liked the fact that there is a fair amount of romance across the sexual spectrum, that teaches us acceptance and respect.

All in all, on 10 ‘d rate it a good 7.