Lets's Hotpot: At Home or around the ‘Hood

We are well into October. We can feel it in the air that Winter is fast approaching. While many of us rejoice that 2021 (and hopefully Covid) is soon over, Hong Kong's cooler weather gives us another excuse to be happy. We can Hotpot!! For those who are not familiar with this word, it is a hot, spicy, well balanced meal, that we Hong Kongers oh so love!!

And it so happens that China's royalty too 😁😁. Indeed, gathering around a hotpot with family and friends was a popular pastime of Emperor Kangxi back in the 17th century. Emperor Kangxi celebrated his 69th birthday by holding a hotpot feast for the elderly in the Forbidden City to show respect and to build connections with the ordinary people. It was recorded in the Ancient Chinese Library in Four Sections (四庫全書) thus: “To respect the elderly is to do right by the heavens, the earth and the people. ( 尊老者,天之經,地之義,民之行也。)”.

Some member of our team went Hotpotting (again!!!0 but this time for the benefit of our readers. Here are the insider tips on how to hotpot:

Step 1: Choice of Pot & Utensils

The choice of pot for hotpot can be as simple as using any pot you have lying around the house which fits the portable stove. However, this means the everyone else joining you must partake in the same pot. If you have a mix of guests with variety of dietary restrictions or needs, then you’ll need a half-half pot.

Half-half hotpot with different soup bases vs single serve hotpot.