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Let's Drone It: Personal recommendations on where to go

Sunny days are back! And drones are about to get out of their boxes for some exciting piloting and fun shooting sessions.

Hong Kong’s diversity of landscapes and sceneries is a delight in our day-to-day life in the city. It also procures a wide range of possibilities when it comes to droning. For the re-opening of the season, LocalHood volunteer and drone aficionado, Arnaud F shares with you some of great places for droning and shooting great pics on Hong Kong Island!

1. Tai Tam Reservoirs: Between jungle and water

The Tai Tam Waterworks trail was open in 2009. The area offers a wide range of hikes within the lush greenery and attracts photographers all year round. Shot from above, you can capture waters plunging down from great heights juxtaposed with an interesting scene of vehicles roaming above the dam.

The Edwardian-style architectures and historical buildings dotted along the trail and the four Masonry Bridges are also worth a shot.

2. Braemar Hill: The ultimate view of Hong Kong skyline

If you’re looking for the iconic sweeping views of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers, Braemar Hill is your next destination to set your drone flying. With just a short walk up the hill from the Chinese International school, you’ll be taken to the best viewing platform, overlooking cargo ships and the bustling CBD on the sides of Victoria Harbour.

If you feel sporty, ask your drone to follow you from above and hike up to Park View. On the way, you will easily catch views of Eastern districts, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon Bay and South side. Beware not to go towards the nearby Mount Butler which is a restricted flying area because of its radio stations.

3. Mount Davis: Over the top

Mount Davis commands the western approach of Hong Kong harbour. So it is of no surprise that the British forces established there coastal defense batteries which can still be seen today. In the Belgian comics Blake and Mortimer (The valley of Immortals), the hill is also supposed to hide an intercontinental rocket… Don’t expect too much on this front though! :)

Droning from Mount Davis is a good occasion to revisit from the top those military vestiges and a good starting point to hover Pokfulam, High West and most of Western districts. So long flying sessions ahead of you!

4. Aberdeen: Come boat with me

The Jumbo boat is no longer in Aberdeen Harbour :( Still, the area remains one of the most stunning places in town. Bridges, Chinese temples, a concentration of tall buildings, hills and scores of Hong Kong typical sampan boats will be a delight for your shooting session. Enjoy there the colours of sunset and you will understand why you are hypnotized by the city!

Drones are electrifying devices, allowing you to reach human’s most common dream, flying, with the tip of your fingers. But they can also be hazardous and require a careful handling to avoid any harm for you and the others. Enjoy the sceneries but always keep in mind some basic security measures when flying a drone:

- Drones shall be used in open spaces (no need to try training in your flat!), far enough from people and vehicles. You can fly in public areas such as public parks but remain away from sensitive areas (airport, Victoria Harbour where there is often considerable helicopter traffic, prisons, power stations, power lines, Disneyland…). To check where you can fly, please visit eSUA (;

- While many drones boast a range of several kilometers, it is much safer to keep your drone in visual line of sight at all times;

- The current maximum height allowed for drone flying in Hong Kong is 91m above ground level;

- Night flying is currently not permitted in Hong Kong;

- Lastly, beware of people’s privacy and avoid watching or filming people in their private space.


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