In Pics: Hong Kong then and now

Old pictures of Hong Kong are fascinating. History of this amazing city is curved in facades of old buildings. People walking the streets, dressed in completely different fashion, boats so close to the harbor and hills so visible and full of wild, tropical greenery.

I moved to Hong Kong from Paris where every urbanistic decision was meticulously, intentionally planned. Nothing was left to the faith or even to good or bad taste of its inhabitants. And Paris today looks almost exactly like the one envisioned by Baron Haussmann at the end of XIX century.

In contrast, Hong Kong is constantly changing. Nothing stays the same. Old buildings are replaced by new ones, taller ones. And only few of them survived to this day and they are like old postcards reminding us of Hong Kong’s past.

In one of my favorite places in Hong Kong – Tai Kwun – Centre for Heritage and Art – I came across this amazing book - “Another City, Another Age. Hong Kong: The Years of Classic Elegance” by Peter Moss published by FormAsia Books Ltd.

This album shows old beautiful photographs of Hong Kong’s buildings dating from mid XIX to mid XX century. Most of them do not exist anymore and we can only admire them on the pages of that book because “nowhere else in the world is space at such a premium that the old must be constantly be replaced by, rather than co-exist with, the new.”

Inspired by this book, I have selected pictures of the few buildings that have survived and are now officially historical monuments and I compared them with their modern-day-appearance and surrounding. It was a great adventure for me and I really hope you will enjoy it as well.

Murray House