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Blue Lotus Gallery, established in 2007, is a photography gallery with a strong focus on exploring Hong Kong culture and identity. Different perspectives opens up our minds. In our news letters, different artists from the Gallery will give us a peek into their own HK. Through their perspective, their lens.

The Blue Lotus gallery offers an exquisite selection of books, limited edition and vintage prints on old and new Hong Kong by respected master photographers and emerging contemporary artists.

This edition of LocalHood blog we have for you a art piece from Michael Kenna titled 'HSBC Building, Study 2, Hong Kong 2008, curtesy of Blue Lotus Gallery.

According to Rowena, Cheung Po Man, Chairman of Hong Kong Society for Education in Art, Mr Alexis Ip is among the few art teachers in Hong Kong who can both teaching and artistic creation at the same time. Amid his heavy teaching duties, he walks through streets and alleys to record everything in the community with his camera. He combines them with Fotomo, an art form gaining popularity in recent years, which shows the scenery, emotions and culture in a three-dimensional way. Apart from making his own creations, Mr Ip collaborates with different groups in Hong Kong and overseas to promote Fotomo in schools and communities, allowing more people to learn about this creative technique and raising public awareness of local culture.

Currently a secondary school Visual Arts teacher, Alexis Ip practiced pottery and sculpture under the guidance of Mr. Eric Chan, Mr. Chan Chung Kong and Mr. Chu Tat Shing. His FOTOMO work “The Blue House” and his pottery work “The Old Memories” were selected in the Hong Kong Arts Biennial 2005. His FOTOMO work “Hong Kong Image, Fa Yuen Street” is the winner of Hong Kong Contemporary Arts Award 2009. Alexis works are collected by Hong K