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Home Kong through an artist's 👁️ye: Tugo Cheng

Blue Lotus Gallery, established in 2007, is a photography gallery with a strong focus on exploring Hong Kong culture and identity. Different perspectives opens up our minds. In our newsletters, different artists from the Gallery will give us a peek into their own HK. Through their perspective, their lens.

The Blue Lotus gallery offers an exquisite selection of books, limited edition and vintage prints on old and new Hong Kong by respected master photographers and emerging contemporary artists.

This edition of Localhood blog we have for you a art piece from Tugo Cheng.

Photocaption:Tugo Cheng 'CityPatterns#9-GreenEdge' HongKong,2016.

Educated in HongKong, Beijing and Cambridge, Tugo Cheng is a Hong Kong based architect and fine art photographer who has received multiple international awards and nominations.

Influenced by his architectural background, Cheng pays special attention to the order and rhythm in landscapes and cityscapes. His aerial series ‘City Patterns’ is a two-dimensional depiction of our city zooming in particular patterns, whether geometric or the way we live, or both.

You can follow Blue Lotus Gallery here.

FB: Blue Lotus Gallery

IG: @bluelotusgallery


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