Hiking in Kennedy Town - Mt. High West

Originally published: April 2018

Edited n republished: Aug 2021

(The view from the top of Mt. High West)

We know that despite some really nice and windy days recently, Aug-Sept months almost upto October have a reputation of being brutally hot and humid in Hong Kong.

This might revive the wish in you to put on those walking/hiking shoes and try a hike to discover another beautiful part of Hong Kong. Among all those lovely spots, we are often surprised to see that many casual (and some not so casual) hikers do not know about the Mount High West. So in this article we recommend you to discover it.

Located in Western District, Mt. High West is a classic Kennedy Town hike. Starting right from the MTR exit, you had up nearly 2,100 steps (no less!!) to reach the peak of Mt. High West, Sure it is not the most easy introduction but when you done those steps you’ll feel like you’re on the top of the world!