Happy Fathers Day to all awesome men who spread L❤️VE!

This month we have the Fathers day. And this month is also the Gay pride month.

We thought it would be a good idea to recognize dads in a special way. To combine the two important dates this month, we spoke to some gay dads in HK that are fathers. All excited (as we always are for a LocalHood blog article😀), we tried to contact some gay parents with kids. The whole team helped with contacts but unfortunately we got no interest whatsoever to share their fatherhood stories, some for reasons we could well understand.

Not the ones to be disheartened😉😉, we decided to speak to some dad's who share their love with their pets. As many of us know, we can have near maternal or parental bonding with our pets. So off we went to meet the two couples. We sure were happy to hear what these dad's had to say about being a gay couple in HK and also a pet parent.

Eric & Alex

1. . Please provide your names and pet's name.