Copious use of masks, hand sanitizers, tissues, disposable mask holders and getting restaurant takeaways–these are all trends during Covid times in Hong Kong. Is there still room left to live sustainably in Hong Kong? Where there’s a will, there’s a way—who said we must have a law to dictate to us on how to respect Mother Earth? Here’s the lowdown on how to live green during Covid times:

1. Make or Buy a Cloth Mask. Cloth masks can be used if you don’t have underlying health issues and are under 60 years old, according to the World Health Organization . Try making your own with fabric (available from the fabric stalls floor in Western Market) or buy from the Li Yuen Street market stalls in Central or market stalls in Wanchai). Cool, Hong Kong-themed cloth masks with space for a mask filter are also available at GOD. Added bonus—you can change to another clean cloth mask during the day to prevent maskne and not feel like wasting money. If you do need to use disposable masks, ensure that you remove the elastic bands on both sides before disposing of it. This ensures that the elastic attached to the mask doesn't choke any aquatic animal when they do ultimately end up in the oceans.