Grab-N- Go eateries in central and western district

With the hectic lifestyle in Hong Kong, a growing number of grab and go eateries are cropping up in the neighbourhood to cater to our needs. It's summer time, you can give yourself a break from time to time. Yes you deserve it! Thankfully, no need to spend tons on a restaurant each time you go out. Whichever cuisine you like, there is a grab and go eatery near you. However even though convenient, a major concern of grab and go eateries is the use of takeaway packaging which may not always be environmentally friendly. We recommend bringing your own mealbox to the establishment to cut down on single use packaging. Here’s the lowdown on our favorite grab and go eateries in the Central & Western District:

1. Taku

Japanese take-out restaurant which serves delicious sushi, eel with rice, Japanese seared beef with rice and selection of salads. All rice is authentic Japanese pearl rice. The food is made to order and elegantly served in a bamboo takeout box. You can wash the box, dry it out for a day and use it for accessories.