Going Gluten-free &/or Vegan this 2021?

Necessity – is what brought me to look for gluten free recipes.

Few months ago, I took a test for food allergies and intolerances and it turned out I’m intolerant towards gluten (among other things 😊). And gluten, my dear neighbours, can be found in so many food products. I love bread, pastries, pastas, pizzas. All of that was to be avoided. And gluten can be also present in less obvious sources like soy sauce, meat and dairy products.

So that, I shifted my diet into naturally gluten free products. But definitely the worst difficulty I found in altering sweets likes cakes and cookies. I started looking for some gluten free recipes online and trying them in my kitchen. Since I am also intolerant to eggs and milk (OMG, right? 😊), I needed to find some recipes that are totally vegan. Thus, I selected for you 3 recipes that I find particularly good and yummy and - which is super important in gluten free baking – they are always a success. You can try them out even if you are not allergic or intolerant to gluten because they are just so delicious. All recipes have been approved by my 2,5-year-old daughter 😊Enjoy baking!

The first one is my personal favourite, I am actually eating it while writing this article. 😊 It requires no flour; it is full of good protein and no white sugar. It takes around 30 minutes to have it ready to eat! And don’t be discouraged about beans, this cake tastes like a real deal brownie! 😊

Red/Black beans gluten-free brownie (both beans work fine)