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Fitne💪ss options for the non-commital 😄😄:

Fitness tops most people’s list of New Year to-dos yes but for most of us it's on our perpetual wish list . To be fair, Hong Kong life, with or without the Corona makes it hard to squeeze in time for a fitness option that requires long-term time and a consequent money investment. After all, committing to sports in addition to all our current commitments with work, family, friends, pets, socializing (we still do socialize a tiny bit...thank god!!) etc. leaves little for me-time.

So for those who do not like getting into anything long term, here are some low commitment sports ideas:

1. Self-Defense Training

Build up your reflexes, speed and learn self-defense through Western boxing or Muay Thai with coach Jan Hermes David of Team Striker. Another form of self-defense which is used by the Israel Defense Forces and Israeli security forces is Krav Maga. You never know when it could come in handy. You can also get fit in the process. Killing two birds with one stone.

For Western Boxing or Muay Thai

Coach Jan Hermes David

Mobile: 5232 7244

8AM-8PM everyday

Price for Personal 1-on-1 = $600 (+1 $250)

Price for Group Class = $250

Source: Coach Jan Hermes David of Team Striker

📍Location: HK Island Central Ferry Pier/Sheung Wan Waterfront/ Sun Yat Sen Park/Happy Valley Racecourse

For Krav Maga


***Special Offer to Localhood members***

A one off $900 per week for unlimited Krav Maga class at the Sheung Wan studio. Also 4 classes for $1,000 also for first timers. No membership is needed.

Contact: Whatsapp/email on 5987-4565/

Address: Sheung Wan Location: 14/Fl, Connaught Harbourfront House, 35-36 Connaught Rd West, Sheung Wan (Sheung Wan Exit C)

Source: Swiftkick Martial Arts website

2. Whole Body Fitness

For a personal trainer who is also a nutrition coach, check out Coach Gurung Nischal (Blake). He teaches muscle building, posture fixing, muscle building and more.

Source: Coach Gurung Nischal

Gurung Nischal (Blake)

Contact: 55116775

Instagram: Blakefitness2019

Price range:$600+


- HKU Food & Nutritional Science & Kinesiology

- Professional Personal Trainer

- Precision Nutrition Coach

- ISSA Nutrition Coach

- Swim Coach

Training Venue: Sun Yat sen memorial park, Tamar, Victoria park, private clubhouse, Any physical fitness, outdoor areas

3. Bollywood Dance

Dance like the elegant Bollywood movie stars in India!

Bollywood dance is a vibrant, energetic dance style that fuses a variety of genres from India (Bhangra, Classical, Folk) and around the world (Hip hop, Jazz, Arabic, etc). Join Hanisha to learn a fun Bollywood dance choreography inspired by the sparkle and drama of Bollywood cinema. Classes are open to all levels and very beginner-friendly. A new song is taught every session, so drop in anytime!

Source: Hanisha’s upcoming schedules poster

Hanisha G Bollywood dance Instagram: ek2three

Class price: HK$ 120 (Outdoor), HK$ 150 (Studio)

Venue: HK Funky Dance Centre, QRE Plaza, 202 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai OR Sun Yat Sen park.

Registration details: Contact Hanisha at 93265551 to sign up!

4. Table Tennis

Play ping pong, a national pastime in China, with Coach Jimmy in air-conditioned comfort. Ping pong rackets are available at specialty shops in Wanchai or in stationery shops for amateurs. Ping pong balls are provided by Coach Jimmy.

Coach: Jimmy Yuen

Contact: (852) 9882 3010

Class fee: HK$380 per hour for one person, HK$400 per hour for two persons

Venue: Smithfield Sports Centre

While these low commitment sports are for the commitment-phobic or for those who have other life priorities which come first, there’s no harm in making sports a regular part of your life, in whatever form possible. If all else fails, download a home fitness app or exercise along with a youtube video. There’s no shame in that as long as it keeps you moving!


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