Dragging in Wong Chuk Hang

What’s in a show? Better yet, what's in a Drag Show? I really had no idea until I had showed up at this event, and boy was I pleasantly surprised. Nestled in between two high rise buildings in the industrial heart of Wong Chuk Hang was one of the last places I expected to find myself waiting excitedly to watch a Drag Show.

I am sure I saw something being advertised on Facebook about a Drag Show and quickly put the word out there to see who might be interested in joining me to watch my first professional drag show. Sure, I had watched some casual ones at a gay bar from time to time but these were never the main event and just an added complement to the night out.

Luckily I managed to rope in the likes of our other volunteers Winnie and Ania and we found ourselves in this brand new office building where a fancy Italian Grocer had situated itself called Tipico. I honestly thought that this was a strange place to put a Grocery store but found out it was actually an amazing venue to have a fabulous rooftop and do private events, if there is another event there, I highly recommend it. The free flow drinks were certainly flowing and it was not in short supply, the cocktails were a highlight with sprigs of rosemary and yummy liqueurs. Tipico did a fantastic job at keeping us boozed and enthused and even gave us a sample of nibbles from their ‘meat market’.

However, the real highlight of the evening was the two Drag Queens that were going to put on an amazing show for us. Check out the amazing performers on their Instagram pages Frida Cox & Mocha Diva. They had grouped together to make sure that a portion of tickets were going to a much-needed charity in the Philippines that supports the LGBTQ+ community. Being veterans of the industry, it was clear that these girls were no amateurs and we were in for a real treat.