Let's Play 💖😎 : Don’t Let Social Distancing Stop You From Having Fun, Alone Or With Friends 😉😍

Have you suddenly found out that staycation has been on repeat for a very long time on your list? A day well spent with a group of people you love, is a day full of great memories. While travel is still far-fetched but you need fresh ideas for your next group activity, here’s a list of fun group activities that really can make the most of it. And who knows you could find some presents here too for Father's Day coming up:


Lost HK is a series of reality-based escape rooms (with 12 different themes) for groups of 2-8. With only the elements available in the room, participants will have to find clues, solve puzzles, and perform certain actions to escape the room within 45 minutes. Locations in HK island: Causeway Bay/Central

Monday - Thursday: $150/pax

Original Price: $220/Pax

Friday- Sunday, P.H. & Day before P.H.: $180/pax Original Price: $260/Pax

Cash only

Website: https://losthk.com/