Crazy about the Mid Autumn Festival lant🏮rns

The Mid-Autumn Festival (A.K.A. Mooncake Festival) is celebrated in many East Asian communities. Traditionally it falls on the 15th of the Eighth month in Chinese Lunar Calendar. This year, it will fall on the 21th September.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is the second most prominent festival for Chinese, after Chinese New Year. On the day of Mid-Autumn, families will celebrate it by gathering for dinners together, eating mooncakes, worshipping the moon and displaying lighting paper lanterns. In many Asian countries, the festival will also be celebrated with dragon dances. In the past, people also took the Mid-Autumn Festival as a celebration of their hard work and harvest. Pomelos are one of the harvest foods that will be eaten and enjoyed at their freshest and most nutritious during the festival.

We especially went to the wet market in Yuen Long to buy our Mid Autumn Festival Lantern!! We had read articles that the Tai Kiu market is known for its hand made (versus industrial ones) 😃 😃. All the pictures in this article are from there.