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POLL: Covid Blues 😢, To Stay or Not to Stay

To stay or not to stay-that is the question. If you’ve been following our monthly newsletters closely, you may remember that half a year ago, we asked ourselves this question, what makes our Localhood volunteers (a mix of expats and locals) choose to stay in Hong Kong through thick and thin (article here). Now, we’re curious as to what you have to say about whether you would choose to stay in Hong Kong and the reasons for staying or not. Please fill in the anonymous poll on our website and we’ll compile the results in the next article.

Courtesy: Bloomberg

We end this short blog with an acrostic poem using the word “QUARANTINE”:

Questioning Covid policies at every instance,

Uncomprehending on why Covid mutates and spreads unabated,

Alas we resign ourselves to the inevitable,

Resigned that Covid is here to stay,

Avoiding the truth that respect, basic civility and hygiene,

Necessities of a social life,

Those fundamental values which stand the test of time,

In binding us together,

Never failing us,

Eventually will help us find a way out.


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