Pokfulam Village Fire Dragon Parade

Since 2018 I participate in the Pokfulam Village Fire Dragon Festival and would like to share briefly with you the story behind it. If you have more to share, we love to hear from you!!

In the late 19th century, there was a plague in Pokfulam Village. The villagers made a “dragon” to pray for illness to go away and parade with it to essentially “clean” the village. The plague was since long gone but the tradition of parading with the Dragon has been kept alive. Today, the tradition has become a major event of the village. In 2017, it was listed onto The Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hong Kong.

You may have heard that Fire Dragon is on Mid-Autumn Festival Day. In fact, it used to start the night before. Now, on the 14th day of lunar eight month, young people are invited to do the dance, to give them an opportunity to feel what exactly the “dragon dance” is meanwhile passing the tradition to the younger generation.

In the evening of the Festival Day is the Fire Dragon official ceremony. You can hear traditional drum music played loudly on Pokfulam Road (many lanes around the area are closed for the dance) to worship gods, then parade starts in front of the main entrance of the village and goes inside the village, travels all the way long through Wah Fu Estate to be finally to be sent into the sea.