Know your volunteer – Sze Yeen

Know your volunteer – Sze Yeen

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I came to HK June 2003, right after SARS. The streets were quiet and the entire neighbouhood felt gloomy. I remember sharing my observation with my hubby “There are hardly any kids in our neighbourhood. Where do I find a playdate for our daughter?”

Once I settled down, I went into the internet and saw a post in Geobaby looking for parents with kids with similar ages to start a playgroup. After a few messages with a few like minded moms, we decided to meet in one of their home. On a hindsight, I took a big risk showing up in a stranger’s home with my toddler. We were lucky to meet real moms and kiddos. We started weekend outings and had some amazing time together. These moms are now my now the longest known friends I have had in Hong Kong. Our kids do not even hang out with each other anymore but some of us moms still do.

In Pic: one of the many fun outings with the playgroup initiated from a Geobaby forum.

When my daughter was older, I went back to work. I quit corporate 2 years ago and decided to prioritise my own health and wellbeing. Am currently a leadership trainer, certified health coach and a community volunteer.