Halal eat-in or take-away eateries to break your Ramadan fast🎉

It’s Ramadan again! As previously featured on Localhood, Ramadan is a sacred time where Muslims around the world are mandated to abstain from food and drink during daylight hours. Through control of appetite and thirst, believers are vicariously encouraged to be mindful of their thoughts and deeds. It is also a month where Muslims reset themselves from the accumulation of distractions and desires throughout the year.

However, as I go 14 hours a day without food or drink (yes, not even water), my mind inevitably turns to food.

As a Muslim, I have to be conscious about which places I frequent when eating outside as I have to keep it halal - this generally entails avoiding pork and alcohol, and consuming meat only from blessed and humanely slaughtered animals - and in Hong Kong, Chinese cuisine is notorious for slipping in bits of minced pork or lard into dishes that look innocently vegetarian!

Below are a list of my favourite local eateries that are halal or halal-friendly and offer delicious dishes to break fast during and outside of Ramadan.


Certified halal