Can composting become a way of life in Hong Kong? How to deal with the myriad issues arising from composting—pests/ mice infestation, resistance from Incorporated Owners or households in installing composting bins? Or if you resist composting, how to reduce your use of household garbage bags in light of the new law to charge for household waste?

Robot reminding children to appreciate the environment. Still from “Castle in the Sky” movie by Hayao Miyazaki. Source: Vanguard Seattle and Artspace website:

With the Hong Kong government starting to charge for household waste by pricing the size of garbage bags in 18 months’ time, there’s no time to waste in taking your food waste seriously. Hong Kong currently produces more than 3300 tonnes of food waste every day according to the Environmental Protection Department of the Hong Kong government. That’s about the weight of 660 fully grown African Bush elephants (each elephant having an average weight of 5 tonnes) per day.