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Checking out the Belcher Bay promenade open space

Hello neighbours, have you visited the Belcher Bay promenade / harbourfront open space in Kennedy Town yet?

It was fully opened in October 2019, and Localhood volunteers Chris and Fiona recently visited with their 4 and 1 year olds to check it out.

What it is:

Not to be confused with Belcher Bay Park across the road (which is also a kids heaven with an amazing playground), the Promenande consists of (surprise surprise) a promenade and an adjacent open space of approximately 5900 square metres. It is filled with fun spaces and activities for kids and adults alike – there’s truly something for everyone. For example, there are styrofoam blocks for kids to build fortresses with, and boats on wheels to push around. There is a 2,000-square metre community garden for organic farming, where freshly organic vegetables are sold. For dog-owners, there is a dog area where you can bring your dogs to play. If you get thirsty, there is a café on site and vending machines around. We understand that some of the facilities/decorations there may change with the seasons, so be sure to check it out from time to time!

Here are some photos to show what’s available:

Colourful tyres for climbing

Plastic pallets for kids’ imaginations to run wild – careful about them falling over though!

A dry “pool” for kids to bounce on

One of the few shaded areas available

Boats to push around your kids in and the Styrofoam blocks for castle building

The “mirror to heaven” reflective pool – a favourite spot for Instagrammers

Definitely one of the best spots to enjoy the view of the Victoria Harbour and the sunset.

In Pic: The hydroponic greenhouse lit up at night

Our only gripe with the location was that it could do with more shaded areas. At 4.30pm in September, our little ones still got quite hot and flustered in the beginning, and seemed more relax once things started cooling down an hour later. That aside, and as the pictures show, we had a great afternoon and evening there with the little ones!

Localhood volunteers Chris and Fiona with their little ones


Shing Sai Road, Kennedy Town.

How to get there:

6 mins walk from Exit A of the Kennedy Town MTR Station

Opening times:



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