Checking out the Belcher Bay promenade open space

Hello neighbours, have you visited the Belcher Bay promenade / harbourfront open space in Kennedy Town yet?

It was fully opened in October 2019, and Localhood volunteers Chris and Fiona recently visited with their 4 and 1 year olds to check it out.

What it is:

Not to be confused with Belcher Bay Park across the road (which is also a kids heaven with an amazing playground), the Promenande consists of (surprise surprise) a promenade and an adjacent open space of approximately 5900 square metres. It is filled with fun spaces and activities for kids and adults alike – there’s truly something for everyone. For example, there are styrofoam blocks for kids to build fortresses with, and boats on wheels to push around. There is a 2,000-square metre community garden for organic farming, where freshly organic vegetables are sold. For dog-owners, there is a dog area where you can bring your dogs to play. If you get thirsty, there is a café on site and vending machines around. We understand that some of the facilities/decorations there may change with the seasons, so be sure to check it out from time to time!

Here are some photos to show what’s available: