Celebrating Women🎉🎉Series: Eco-Warrior Tracy W Harris @ HK Green Finance Asso

Tracy Wong Harris, is the Deputy Secretary General of HK Green Finance Association (HKGFA) and a kick-ass sustainability banker. Impressive CV for this young woman, as impressive as the spectacular green dress she is wearing today.

In Pic: Meeting Tracy over a cuppa

Born in HK, Tracy grew up in a village house far away from the HK sky scrapers. Sustainability as a term was not in her vocabulary. Green was nowhere in the horizon simply because Green was everywhere for Tracy, the benefits of living far from HK island.

Tracy went to the UK for her studies in her teens and subsequently started career in London as an Investment Banker. “Nothing to do with saving the planet at all”, says Tracy. Homeland beckoned her and she relocated back to Hong Kong in 2011.