Celebrating Women🎉🎉Series: Eco-Warrior Suzanne Cheung @ Swire Coca-cola

“It’s very easy to join the dots in my story. Nothing spectacular. I’m a local born and bred. My childhood was spent in what we call a sub-divided flat in Mong Kok. It was a Tong-style apartment, shared with an extended family of approximately twenty people. My direct family had only about 70 square feet for four persons.”

She is definitely far from ordinary. Certainly not the usual corporate lady in senior management that one meets. Fifteen minutes into our conversation, I am rapt by her boundless energy, her winning smile and her compelling story. This down to earth lady sitting in front of me is Suzanne Cheung, Head of Sustainability at Swire Coca-Cola HK and a mother of two teenage kids.

Suzanne, I was soon to learn, was born to be a combatant and a champion to do the right thing. From a very humble upbringing, she studied hard to earn herself the grades to secure the better future her parents dreamed for her. “My childhood was not a bed of roses,” Suzanne explained, “It toughened me up. It also made me appreciate all that I have today. I am eternally grateful for my parents who went beyond their means to save up for my education and a better life”.