Celebrating Women🎉🎉Series: Marie Kretz di Meglio @ Uplifters

It is International Women's day 😀👭🏽💪🏼 on the 8th of March. I was getting ready for my meeting with the Marie, the founder of Uplifters- a non-profit organisation that helps migrant domestic workers and underprivileged communities with online financial education and community support. An endeavor run by a woman, empowering women to help other women. So admirable!! There was however, a nagging thought in my mind. I was (hoped) a good employer. But was I really helping my sincere hardworking helper to become financially independent or maybe improve her professional skills for a better future? The idea had not even crossed my mind!! With a guilty heart, I walked to our meeting venue.

I could have recognized Marie, the founder of Uplifters from afar. Can’t say whether it was her friendly sympathetic face, her curious big eyes looking towards me, her French style or all the 3 that set her apart. We settle down and start our chat.

Before moving to HK in 2017, Marie and her family lived a year in Singapore, where she worked stumbled upon an opportunity in a non-profit for domestic helpers. Her first stint in the charity world involved providing face to face financial literacy support to domestic helpers. She loved meeting these courageous women, who had left their children, parents and family back in their country and had come to a foreign land to support and help their own back home. “Life for them might not be rosy on a daily basis but they are always smiling. Speaking to them, helping them, in turn gave me courage”, says Marie.

“We moved to Hong Kong while I was pregnant”, Marie remembers. They hired a domestic helper who had a bachelor's degree in Finance. She also had a sick parent and younger sibli