With another semi lockdown in place, while hair salons are slowly opening up, most beauty parlours and spas in Hong Kong are shut for at least another month. While we can all finally get those over grown bangs trimmed, it’s a completely different story when it comes to our regular beauty and wellness regimes.

We at LocalHood decided to put together a set of tried and tested beauty hacks that can help you rejuvenate your skin and feel a sense of relaxation that spas give you! Do remember that one of the most important life hacks is to hydrate yourself. Water is the single elixir that helps one with health and beauty issues.

Most Indians would swear by the healing powers of the golden yellow powder, very commonly available in most Indian kitchens: turmeric. A paste of turmeric, yoghurt or curds mixed with a spoon of honey and a dash of lime works wonders when applied as a face pack. Not only does it give your face a brilliant glow, but also an instant freshness. Turmeric is an antiseptic with heals cut and wounds and reduces skin blemishes. Lime and honey are bleaching agents that can lighten facial fuzz. Additionally, you can also add chickpea flour to this mask. The flour reduces oiliness and tautens the skin. Another substitute readily available at most Indian stores is a powder called multani mitti or fuller’s earth. This clay like powder tightens the skin, unclogs pores and gives a magical glow.