Authentic Hong Kong Movies, you will L❤️VE!!

Hong Kong movies are not all about Kung Fu, fighting and bloodshed. There are movies made in Hong Kong which seek to enlighten audiences on the real Hong Kong daily life and social issues. In case you too are a movie buff and enjoy true representation of Hong Kong life and society in the 7th art, here are 7 of our recommendations:

1. Still Human (淪落人) (running time: approx. 2 hours, Cantonese with Eng subtitles)

Still from the film (Courtesy of Cinema Escapist website at

A young pretty Philippino finds herself working as a domestic helper for a grumpy Hong Kong man (played by Anthony Wong Chau-sang) in a wheelchair. The wheelchair-bound man living in a tiny public housing flat finds warmth and hope in life through the talents and optimism of his helper.

2. Little Big Master (五個小孩的校長/可爱的你)(running time: approx. 2 hours, Cantonese with Chinese simp, Chinese trad, English subtitles)