Spice Up your life—with adult toys🔥🎇

Have you gotten used to staying at home and don’t feel like going out? Are you bored with screens and surfing the web for interesting videos/ articles that are not about negative news or exercise or weight loss? Sounds like you’ve caught symptoms of ennui and anxiety. For adults over 18, treatment is add some spiciness and fun to your sex life with adult toys. That, and stay away from media overload. Disclaimer: This article is not written by a medical professional or sex therapist. If it’s not obvious, seek help from a medical professional or sex therapist when you have a real medical or sexual issue.

There’s actually a wealth of adult sex toys and other hobnobs in SYP when you know where to look. The problem is (a) overcoming the guilty feeling of going inside an adult sex toy shop; (b) making sure there are no colleagues or conservative people you know around when you go in; (c) knowing what to buy when you’re inside. Thankfully, the adult toy shops in SYP have online shopping available and the advantage of buying from them over cheaper alternatives on Amazon or Taobao is that you know that you’re getting the real deal and raise any issues with the product with a known seller.

So, for those who have a healthy sense of self-esteem and had proper sex education (which we assume are in the minority), here’s the low-down on the adult toys selection in our ‘Hood.