Dessert Trail❤️😋for the sweet to🦷th

As Mary Poppins used to sing: “Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.”. None of us need to take medicine (thanks to constantly being ultra-vigilant on germs and viruses), but some sugar every now and then never hurts.

Our three Localhood musketeers: Ania, Falguni and Winnie with the help of their families went for a sweet tour in our neighbourhood and tried some delicious desserts❤️💯. Now we are sharing with you their experiences and giving recommendation for what are the must-haves😊.

1. Yi Ga 宜加 –Chinese Dessert Shop:

Location: G/F 51 Belcher’s Street, Kennedy Town

This is a Chinese dessert shop that also serves some simple Cantonese cha chaan teng style food. Price range is $30 for a dessert, around $50 for a main dish. We shared three desserts and each one of us had a different favourite one.

For Ania, the purple glutinous rice, beans and tapioca with watermelon was unexpectedly light and tasted delicious! Watermelon made it very fresh and not too sweet. Ask them to skip the coconut milk mixed with condensed milk if you are lactose-intolerant. The good thing about Chinese desserts are that they are mostly gluten-free, since the main ingredients are made from tapioca or soy bean.