Father's Day Series : Dads that C😋😋K (2/3)

In this series of articles, LocalHood volunteer @Sze Yeen, an avid cook herself, speaks to 3 fathers of the community that love to cook for their family. These are regular fathers, not professionally cooks or even working in the F&B sector just those who enjoy sharing their love for cooking with those they love most in their lives.

In this profile of our Father's Day Series, Sze speaks about food: The love for making a meal, the origin of the love for cooking with another dad named Eddie 😎👍🏻. Eddie shares with other LocalHooders, his family's way of making BLUE MUSSELS IN WHITE WINE & CREAM SAUCE. Read on!!!


The aroma, the sight and the taste coupled with the conversation and laughter during each home cooked meal gives Eddie great fulfilment knowing the food he prepared help bring his extended family closer each time he hosts a family gathering. Eddie’s passion for cooking started 12 years ago when he realises the need to spend more quality time with his then growing son. Today, his 20 year old enjoys cooking occasionally and shares many great food memories with Eddie.

Pic 1: Eddie (front left) with his son, wife and extended family during May 2020 Mother’s Day celebration