Father's Day Series : Dads that C😋😋K (1/3)

In this series of articles, LocalHood volunteer @Sze Yeen, an avid cook herself, speaks to 3 fathers of the community that love to cook for their family. These are regular fathers, not professionally cooks or even working in the F&B sector just those who enjoy sharing their love for cooking with those they love most in their lives.

In the first profile of this Father's Day Series, Sze speaks about food, the love for making a meal and the origin of his love for cooking, with Victor George Paddy. HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL FATHERS...ALL AWESOME IN THEIR OWN WAY 😎👍🏻!!!

Read on in Victor's own words....


I have long been our family’s Sunday dinner doer, the once-a-week author of garlic-heavy pasta dishes, steaks grilled in a seasoned cast-iron frying pan, wine-and-stock-simmered stews and other meat-centred meals assembled from collected recipes, a few good cookbooks and, often, The New York Times inspiring food section. Then along came the global pandemic. Suddenly, I was opening, closing and watching our dodgy oven door with sweet abandon. Baking up an abundance of chaos cookies, quarantine cakes and healing brownies, pandowdies and other fresh delights, and occasional disasters.

Like our Sunday dinners, my baking adventures were initially intended to please my teenage son, our family’s main meat, and sweet, eater. The coronavirus certainly gave me more time to beat butter and sugar, sift flour and flaunt my flair with a spatula. Expanded kitchen time also stirred memories of my