“This too shall pass”: Uncertain times for UNI ready students

Universities, the temples of higher education are taking the big hit from the Covid Pandemic. There is still uncertainty for many institutions with regard to when and how the intake session 2020-21 will happen.

Hong Kong’s major universities do not expect the delay in the release of the DSE results this year to affect admissions. Adjustments by HKU include application for September 2020 intake to remain open until end August 2020.

Internationally, MIT has cancelled information sessions and tours for prospective students and its on-campus admissions office is also closed indefinitely. In the UK, the University of Cambridge has already revealed that they won’t be holding in-person lectures until Summer 2021 and Manchester University has said that, this year, their Autumn term will be held online.

In view of this situation, many a student are in a fix as to the next steps. Depending on which university they have applied to or have been accepted to internationally or locally, different options stand before them. So, while some are lucky to be sticking to their plans others are taking a gap year and prefer waiting until next year to be able to attend lectures and get the full campus experience. There are also some are still waiting here from universities they have applied to, so they can take their decisions.

For example, Wins, a local Hong Konger living in Mid-levels plans to send his daughter Jasmine abroad for further studies. Jasmine wants to study Archaeology and has been acc