Museum of Medical Sciences, Sheung Wan

Even with the advancement of modern technology and our latest medical systems, COVID-19 is not completely under control up to now. This may make some of us wonder about epidemics and how we controlled epidemics that happened over a century ago? How did people overcome it then? If these are some of the questions you are asking yourself or want your young-lings to understand, then the HKMMS is THE place to go visit.

Located in Caine Lane, an Edwardian era architecture (a popular architectural style while King Edward VII of the UK was in office) stands out from the green. Buildings of this era are usually grand, built with red bricks; less complex compared to other eras. Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences is three-storey high with typical Chinese-meet-West design where you can see double-pan and double-roll tiled roof. Verandah gives airflow to cool down in summer. In addition, dutch gable and obelisk-shaped finials are significant to the building.