Exam Special: Self-study tips while social distancing

Recently a lot of people are staying at home more often due to social distancing rules. Some of us need to progress on your study. This especially if you are a student studying for an upcoming public exam, or a working professionals studying for professional exams. A lot of us have the habit to study outside, either in library or cafes as we find ourselves being more productive when we are in these environment.

And now that we tend to stay home more often, how do we keep up with the study momentum? Here are a few tips that I provide that will help you make real progress.

1. Understand what makes you study effectively

There is actually no one single way that can make you study effectively, everyone is unique and has developed different study habits and preferences, therefore it is important to discover your own.

For example, if you find yourself being most productive when studying in a cafe, think in more specific terms about what in the cafe environment that helps with your study. Is it the barista that chats with you that make you feel relax ? Is it the song they are playing in the background that you like ? Is it the study buddy you have that encourages you to study better ?