Masking the Home-made way

Given the global dearth of marks for general public, various health agencies around the world now recommend the use of cloth face coverings and masks.

In HK thankfully masks can be found relatively easily in the pharmacies, but they come at a cost.

Those with creative hands or those who want to save some dollars can craft some home made masks - Sewn or non sewn, from different tissues such as socks, bras and hairbands. We have done our research and list below 3 masks recommended by reputed medical associations that are easy to make at home. If you are interested in the idea, please note that one of the best fabrics for making a DIY face mask is cotton. Also, benefit of a cotton mask is that it’s washable, making your mask reusable.

Before we begin please note that to know whether a mask is fitting you perfectly, it should have multiple layers of fabric that fits you perfectly. It should not either be too loose (risk of infection) or too tight (difficulty of breathing), just snug enough to fit your face. If possible, we recommend you consult with a health specialist or someone in the field of mask-making to make sure your mask is appropriately made for daily usage! Also, Homemade masks are not a substitute for social distancing and staying home!

Face-mask type 1: Go Bandana

This one is another no-sew face mask which can be made from any kind of bandana-like material such

as handkerchiefs or shawls