Online Yoga practise: #easeyourmind #practiseonline #namastayhome

The current situation in our lovely city is far from ideal. I am among those who is feeling more and more anxious, depressed, frustrated and negative not mentioning weird headaches, back pains and neck stiffness. After speaking with friends and reflecting on my aches I realised that it is all connected; our bodies are sending us signals. This load of anxiety and stress can not be handled so easily. Normally yoga lovers would simply go to Yoga studio and practice.

When on yoga mat, one just switches off completely from the surrounding world; only with one’s inner self. No thoughts about viruses, being scared of getting infected or where to buy a toilet paper or flour to bake a bread. For an hour its just yoga.

Due to the current risk of Covid19, Hong Kong Government decided to close all yoga studios, to prevent people from getting infected. All yoga centres have currently closed their face-to-face classes.In this article, we list 4 very good yoga studios which have adapted to the new situation.

Most of them uses ZOOM as a platform for online yoga teachings. It is actually very easy. Thank goodness for technology 😊!!

The Iyengar Yoga Centre of Hong Kong