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LocalHood Content Volunteer: Introducing Yoyo Lau💕

Hi there! I am Yoyo, one of the Local Hood’s volunteers!

I was born and raised in Hong Kong. I have part of the LocalHood social venture for about a year and a half now (how time flies 😊😊).

Like must be the case of other "local" volunteers of the team, I feel like being a bridge to Local Hood community to get them know deeper about the city; from a cultural perspective; such as traditions, festivals, norms. I’m happy to show people around the historical buildings or show them some stories about different areas especially the Central & Western district of HK Island.

I used to be a marketing professional; few years ago feel like give something back to the community could be more meaningful so I changed to social welfare industry, now working at a NGO and mostly to lead guided tour.

Pic: On a trip to Taipei where an old shop was doing type foundry. The selves behind me are all Chinese characters made of lead. These lead letters are one of the process of publishing. It shows part of the procedure before the digital era.

What does neighborhood mean to me? For me a neighborhood is not about where I reside but where you like hanging out a neighbourhood I feel most connected to and most at home in. For someone it could be popular spots like TST, Mongkok or for others Causeway Bay or North Point. A neighborhood to go shopping; to meet friends or jut chilling sitting in a cafe.

For me my neighbourhood is in Sai Ying Pun. Sai Ying Pun is an amazing place in town, convenient yet quiet; some traditional shops; and the most significant thing on the island side: slope! It is a good way to strengthen muscles though (when you walk from Queen’s Road West to High Street…) ha ha.

Pic: Me at Sheung Fu lane

How did I get to know LocalHood? About a year and a half ago, the Local Hood team was doing a gentrification article on their website blog and my friend passed it to me. I identified with the mission of Localhood to connect people living clos by. I do believe neighbours should not be strangers and support each other if needed rather than keeping silent while waiting for the elevator or walking past each other in the local wet market. So, I joined the group without hesitation.

At localhood we bring neighbours together through writing in our blog about specifities in different Hk localities. We also have events for the neighborhood on themes of community, social, environmental, health and fitness.

I believe that this is hard work which we enjoy doing and we have the right to enjoy together sometimes too! At localhood, from time to time we have a drink or party just for Local Hood team. I also love the annual thanksgiving for partners and Volunteers that LocalHood organises with tasty foods and wines- very chill and cosy ambiance where the volunteers of different teams can mingle and also get to know the various partners of LocalHood like NGOs, schools, restaurants and organizations we work with.

Pic 1: LocalHood Street party, Aug' 19

Pic 2: After Localhood volunteer meeting, time for fun!

Months ago I was doing an article about HK street food paired with 2 more volunteers and went trying snacks across Sheung Wan. It was so cool...we were 3 people from 3 different countries, 3 different backgrounds and 3 different professions but were open to listening to others and sharethe passion of doing things for our neighborhoods!

Pic: Checking out street food in Sheung Wan for a Blog article without LocalHood collegues

I miss seeing other LocalHood Team friends physically as all our monthly meetings are on-line now! Irrespective of that, every time we discuss there are fabulous ideas to share. We have many iteams to brain storm: What topics to write on, the events or how can we make the neighbourhood communities more connected!!

Pic : Our pre-covid Localhood volunteer meeting in Feb 20!

Times have changesd now...It is now Coronavirus outbreak when I am writing this article and in Hong Kong we have to stay at home.

So, everyone stay home, stay safe. We'll see each other with no mask sooooon.

Pic: photo mask on Yoyo

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