Celebrating Women (3/3) : Sherrie Kong, Hong Kong's first female jockey

It was International Women's day 😀👭🏽💪🏼 on the 8th of March.

We are doing a series of stories of 3 women who have made a difference in their particular field in HK and beyond😊!!

The 1st was on Jill Robinson which you can read here: https://www.localhood.org/single-post/2020/02/26/Celebrating-women-Jill-the-Bear-Queen-Animals-Asia: https://www.localhood.org/single-post/2020/03/17/Celebrating-Women-23-Alice-Mong-CEO-of-Asia-Society

The 2nd lady we introduce to you below is Alice Mong, Executive Director of the Asia Society Hong Kong (ASHK): https://www.localhood.org/single-post/2020/03/17/Celebrating-Women-23-Alice-Mong-CEO-of-Asia-Society

The 3rd lady we are proud to present to you below is Sherrie Kong, Hong Kong's first ever female jockey.


Horse…the 1st real love Sherie Kong who is Hong Kong's first female jockey. Sherie’s affair with the horse started at the age of 13, when she first went up a real horse and from them on she went riding.

As fate would have it, at 16 she got into to the Jockey Club’s 1st female jockey apprenticeship program. Sherie confesses that she applied against her mother’s wishes not only because she loved the sport but also as she wanted freedom from her family like any 13-year-old and not go to school.