Celebrating Women (1/3) : Jill Robinson, the Bear Mama, founder of Animals Asia

It is International Women's day 😀👭🏽💪🏼 on the 8th of March.

We are doing a series of stories of 3 women who have made a difference in their particular field in HK and beyond😊!!

The first lady who we present is Jill Robinson- the Bear Mama, known for working in the field of animal welfare especially with Asiatic Bears.


Little Jill Robinsons loved animals since forever. Kind of primal love. An innate affinity with them all. She had a lot of love to give to them.

Jill’s mother died in agony of a disease called Septicemia while she was still a little girl. Her Father never really recovered from her loss. Jill and her younger sister spent some time at their aunt’s before going back to living with their father. Amongst all the uncertainty surrounding the child, one thing that Jill was sure of was that she wanted to work with animals and wanted to become a Vet. She started by volunteering with animals as soon as she could.