Dressing for CNY in the 852-Qipaos (Cheongsam)

Festival season is extended this year with the CNY in January. Every self-respecting Chinese (and even some foreigners) want to be dressed to the 'T' for the family Luncheon/gathering in traditional attire.

As a woman, we thought about the forgotten classy but sexy Icon of Hong Kong celebrations. The Qipao.

On this occasion we met up with Ranee_K deigner of her own fashion label “ranee_k”, who make modern Qipaos.

So, why shop for qipao (cheongsam) in 852 when you can get the same for a fraction of the price across the border in +86 or on Taobao?

Well, for those who have a discerning eye for quality and need for convenience, Hong Kong is a preferred option because qipaos need research and several fittings to be just right. For those who made a modern twist or East-West fusion in their qipaos to maximize the number of wears from office to night from CNY to day to day, Hong Kong qipao shops are also a good option.

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